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23 mar. 2012

Being Right or Getting Laid When Seducing a Woman

Always avoid arguments with women. You can never win, and even if you do win, you’ve lost. Women don’t want to be made wrong any more than men do, but they have a unique mechanism that prevents them from actually being “wrong.” When a man proves his point through logic and rationale, she will prove her point by losing her attraction for you, and not giving you any sex.

Most guys with an ego problem (implying low self-esteem) get into situations with women where they feel they need to prove themselves right, that their social status is on the line when a woman makes an issue of something. They lose sight of the fact that they are not in this to prove their value, but to get laid.

Decide right now which of these two options you want:
1) You get to prove yourself right
2) You get to sleep with her

If you want #1, you can have it by arguing her into a corner. And then, guess
what? You can’t have #2. These choices are mutually exclusive. You can have one, but
not the other.

If it’s more important to you to establish a superior standing by being right, you
will alienate women – guaranteed. If, on the other hand, you are willing to sit back and
let her think she’s right (even when everyone can see she’s not), then you will be
infinitely more successful as a seducer.