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23 mar. 2012

Women Want Sex Too.

Up until the last thirty years or so, it was a commonly held misconception that
women were somehow frigid or uninterested in sex by nature and had little or no desire
for it except to procreate. This fallacy was created by men who thought that since a woman postpones sex, she only “gives it up” to get what she wants – a faithful husband to provide for her.

Women want sex as much as men do; they just have a different timetable and
requirements before they have sex with a man. There has been a lot of liberation for
women, and even though there are a lot of women that have occasional casual sex,
they are still programmed since birth with the fear of being labeled promiscuous. The
label of “slut” is still a fundamental fear of almost all women, and it’s probably the most
damning of judgments a woman can feel is placed on her.

A woman won’t listen to any logical rationalization you come up with for her to
sleep with you. Talking to her – telling her all the reasons why she should go to bed
with you – including being pushy – will not work, and will often backfire and push her
away. She has to feel like sleeping with you – with her emotional excitement, not
her rational mind. She has to desire it with her own free will. Remember, people make
emotional decisions and then justify those decisions later with logic.